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Welcome to Manuels!

A local tradition since 1965, generations of guests have enjoyed our delicious food, cooked fresh daily, served with a genuine smile. Founded by my father, Manuel Santana, here at Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant we proudly serve his original recipes. Whether you’re visiting us for the first time, or you’re one of our devoted regulars, we love you. Reservations are always appreciated. Call  (831) 688-4848.


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Our Special Menu

Jardines_Fish_Tacos 003Tacos de Pescado

On Tuesday nights we serve our fresh fish taco special.

Jardines_Flan 007Desserts

Try our signature items, the Flan, cooked to perfection with a hint of caramelized sugar or the Mexican Chocolate Ice cream laced with a touch of cinnamon. Mmm...

Jardines_carne_assada_Tacos 004Carne Asada Taco

This entree used to be a special, but after raving demand, it is now on our menu.



Some History


Did you know, that when we opened in 1965, my father cooked, served and washed the dishes for the nine original tables. Where the service bar now is was the kitchen, and the "upstairs dining area" and where the kitchen now is was an apartment where some other people lived.

My mother had another job, and came by to help serve after she got off there. I was six years old, and grew up here. For more history, see timeline.

We are going to continue to collect and post stories, fun facts and anecdotes. Gather pictures and other fun stuff.

If you have stories from your past dining experiences or would like to share a picture, please email us to info@manuelsrestaurant.com.

People and Food

Many of our friendly, skilled and dedicated crew have worked with us for over 20 years.

Huachinango a la Jarocha
The Friday fish special, fresh snapper, served with a cold creamy sauce with a bite. An all time favorite!


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